DarksLyric’s History:
I will assume I was born to pagan parents. When my parents died 2 years ago I inherited their cauldron. Never once did my mother take me to church, nor did we pray to Jesus or god or anyone for that matter. The bible was something other people read. In the relationships I have had in my life most people have been Christian, and it was never a fit for me. They spoke of their god and communion’s and everything their religions entailed and yet I felt nothing. Then about 13 years ago I met my husband. Christian he is not but faithful to his faith he is. Never has he spoken to me of his spirituality other than to tell me he is good with his religion, and it makes him happy. So as we raise our children, some his, some mine we raise them to make their own choices in life about what spiritual path they will take. So that leaves me, what spiritual path should I choose? I never really worried about religion until I realized that there was a great emptiness deep within me.

I know I am not a Christian, but what I am is still to be unveiled as I walk this path of discovery. I listen to my inner voice and rejoice in the beauty of everything around me. As I unwrap my new self I bloom into someone I really like. I find great comfort in learning new things and I am trying hard not to be surprised by how much I actually already knew. And how much it all makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

You may all call me Lyric. My significant other is known as DarkEmbrace hence DarksLyric.

You may contact me: DarksLyric@writeme.com


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